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Rent baby clothes for every growth phase

Can you believe how fast our little ones grow? Before the 'terrible twos', children can zoom through 7 or more sizes. That means more than 150 clothing items in a blink of an eye.

Now that's a lot of clothes and money! 

Little Renters provides an affordable children’s clothing rental subscription for parents across Australia, creating an easy way to access quality children’s clothes from trusted brands without the heavy price tag and impact on our planet.

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Hear from other parents

“Little Renters is a gorgeous business doing fabulously environmentally friendly and sustainable work, while solving a problem so many parents have with babies and young children who grow out of clothes so quickly. Will always recommend this business to new parents."

- Jessica

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It's a win-win that's all about looking good and doing good!

We've got a fantastic mix of stylish brands, both local Aussie favourites and cool finds from around the globe.

What really gets us excited is making sure you get top-notch quality with a conscience. That's why we try to source pieces made from fabrics that are not only stylish but also sustainable and durable. By doing this, we're giving these garments a longer life, which means they can spread joy among many families while treading lightly on the planet.

We also stock some gems from 'fast fashion' brands that are still shining bright, ready to be loved by you. By keeping them in use for longer we make sure that they don’t go to landfill.

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