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Sustainable fashion for growing kids

Little Renters provides a joyful, hassle-free children’s clothing rental subscription where you can easily rent children’s clothes from trusted brands.

Unlike traditional ways of buying and selling children’s clothes, Little Renters allows you to affordably dress your little ones in quality pre-loved clothes and share them with other families across Australia.

By renting clothes and supporting a circular fashion model, you save money and time, declutter your home and reduce the environmental impact of fashion waste.

Our promise to you

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Hear from other parents

"Sustainable AND Stylish! It’s the revolving wardrobe that keeps on giving… the cute, curated bundles are perfect for my little one and if I need something seasonal or if I prefer something different, I can easily swap items, as part of my subscription! Not only does this save wardrobe space and the need to think about outfits, but it’s also good for the planet - knowing that each piece of clothing will go on many adventures and stay out of landfill for as long as possible!”

- Marianne

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How it works

When you join the Little Renters Club, you are in for a treat! Our children’s clothing rental subscription offers a delightful collection of pre-loved clothes, carefully curated just for your little one.

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Why do families rent baby clothes?

The children’s clothing industry is ready for a revolution.

As our little ones grow and change, we are constantly buying new clothes, leaving a significant impact on our wallet and planet.

Renting is not only the most convenient and affordable way to dress your children in stylish new looks all year round, but it’s also the best way to protect our planet and future generations.

By opting for renting, you're actively reducing the demand for new clothing production. This lessens fashion's environmental footprint, from resource consumption to carbon emissions. Plus, it adds an extra touch of joy by helping you declutter your closet and creating more space in your home.

When you decide to rent with us, you become part of something truly special. You’re promoting the reuse of clothing, extending their lifespan, and minimising fashion waste. 

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Why Little Renters?

Protecting this beautiful planet together

The Little Renters community joins hands in creating a brighter future by slowing fast fashion and minimising waste so the next generation can live longer and healthier lives.

Like-minded parents saving time and money

We know buying and selling clothes for your growing little ones can be exhausting and expensive. Little Renters is here to make the process hassle-free, affordable and enjoyable for the whole family.

Stylish, Affordable, Flexible

Stylish outfits curated with love

Every time your little one outgrows their wardrobe, you will receive a carefully curated capsule full of quality, stylish clothes that have been loved and cared for by other families across Australia in the Little Renters Club. 

Worry-free wardrobes for your little one

Every child will grow and play in their own unique way. Enjoy the flexibility of replenishing your little one’s wardrobe whenever they are ready, without the stress of extra charges for stains or accidental damage.

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